State flags flying at Gulfport City Hall

The flying of the state flag has been a hot topic.
The City of Gulfport is making some changes and is now flying the original and present state flag outside City Hall. Mayor Billy Hewes made the decision Sunday morning to fly both the Magnolia Flag which was the state’s official flag adopted in 1861 and the state flag with the Confederate emblem.
Mayor Hewes explained this is not about erasing the past, it’s about being honest and working towards a productive future. The mayor wrote a full article on the city’s Facebook page and stresses the importance of ‘we are better together.’ “It’s not about erasing the past. It’s about embracing what we’ve got, but understanding there are alternatives. As far as this City Hall goes, as far as Gulfport goes, we’re going to continue to fly the state flag, whatever is adopted.”
Mayor Hewes says this was not stemmed from other cities, but he has been considering flying the flag for the past few years.

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