State flag flying at Ocean Springs City Hall causes concern

The Confederate emblem on the Mississippi State flag has been an ongoing discussion, and in some cases, an ongoing debate for a while now.
Members of Macedonia Baptist Church in Ocean Springs used tonight’s board of aldermen meeting as an opportunity to voice their concerns.
Many are outraged over Mayor Shea Dobson’s decision to fly the flag over City Hall. Prior to Dobson taking office, the state flag did not fly over Ocean Springs City Hall for at least eight years. Macedonia Baptist Church member James Lewis said, “The mayor did not go back and poll the constituents. He just did it. Then the board of aldermen, like cronies, they just fell in line, but it won’t stand. God won’t stand for it.”
Church members expressed they were not only concerned, but confused about Mayor Dobson’s stance regarding the flag since his actions contradict statements made during his campaign.

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