State D.A.R.E. Association Conference

D.A.R.E is a program taught in public schools and private schools nationwide, focusing not only on drugs, but also on good decision making and positive lifestyles.
All this week, certified D.A.R.E. instructors from across our state and even Alabama are meeting up on the Coast to share notes, exchange ideas and learn new techniques to keep up with the ever evolving drug and crime culture.
About 50 officers from all over the state including one rapping officer from the Senatobia Police Department joined this year’s conference. Vice President of the state D.A.R.E Association Sergeant Jackie Rhodes said, “It’s a program where we can try to help the kids. Kids are our future and we want to give them all the tools that we can to help them succeed.”
D.A.R.E. State Training Coordinator Sheri Hall said, “It focuses not just on specifically drugs or a certain item, it focuses on good decision making because hopefully if they make good decisions it spills over into their everyday life choices.”
The conference continues through Thursday.

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