State auditor speaks to superintendents about stimulus money

South Mississippi superintendents and officials who represent Mississippi school districts attended a meeting with the state auditor to discuss legal ways to spend incoming stimulus money.

According to State Auditor Shad White, the state budget is normally about $6 billion annually. With the next round of stimulus money, an additional $4 billion is expected for the state.

Tuesday’s meeting opened the door for questions and concerns school leaders may have about creative ways to maximize resources and stay within compliance of the auditor’s office.

“Counties are going to be spending some of their money on water, sewer, some broadband and those kinds of things,” White said. “For school districts, some of their money early on in the stimulus was spent on technology, on laptops and some of that sort of thing. It really depend on what pool of money we’re talking about and what government entity and that’s why the auditor’s office wants to come out and make sure that folks understand what those rules are.”

The partnership between school districts and the state auditor’s office works to avoid illegal uses of federal money and criminal investigations.

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