Star-Spangled Cleanup

With the Fourth of July finally wrapped up, Mississippi Coastal Cleanup is making it a point to help clean our beaches.

For the third year in a row, the Star-Spangled Cleanup is helping tidy up the beaches of Harrison and Jackson County. Volunteers are set up at 13 beaches across the Coast, cleaning up throughout the morning.

Lexi Furth with the Mississippi Coastal Cleanup tells News 25 that the debris left over from fireworks affects more than you might think. “The fireworks, obviously there’s debris that’s going to be digested by animals as well as fireworks containing a lot of small metal particles that are going to be toxic for waters. That’s going to affect aquatic animals, nesting birds, birds on the beach that are going to eat those and that’s going to mess with their system. It trickles down.”

The Mississippi Coastal Cleanup is expecting to expand to Hancock County for next Fourth of July.

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