St. Vincent De Paul Elementary hosts Senior Walk for Class of 2023

St. Vincent De Paul Catholic Elementary School held a special celebration for some of its former students getting ready to graduate high school.

High school seniors who once attended St. Vincent De Paul were invited back to the school donned in their caps and gowns to participate in this year’s senior walk.

Current students at the school lined up along a hallway as the seniors walked down between them giving out high fives and soaking in the cheers and good wishes.

This tradition began in 2015 when a teacher recommended the idea to the principal as a way of honoring their former students. Our Lady Academy Senior Kendall Pavolini said, “We grew up watching the seniors walk the halls and we loved going to St. Vincent’s so it’s so nice coming back to see everybody.”

Our Lady Academy Senior Maria Schuyler said, “It’s really exciting to be the people walking through now… like being able to see them go before, and it’s cool to actually be doing it.”

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