St. Stanislaus construction class surprises beloved teacher with new shed

The school year is over, but the work isn’t finished for the St. Stanislaus construction class. As part of their final project, they built a shed and today they surprised one of their beloved teachers by donating it to her.

Freddy West teaches construction at St. Stanislaus and for their final class project they build a shed and donate it. This semester, they decided to build it for one of their most loved and tenured teachers, SSC’s religion teacher Mrs. Harriet Bellone. West said, “That’s the beauty of giving back. When they found out we were building it for their teacher, they got all excited for it.”

Senior Jeremy Reddoch said, “Really no one has done anything for Mrs. Bellone. She just takes care of us. It felt great and it was surprising to be able to do something for someone that has done so much for us.”

Graduate Davin Lagard said, “Every student she has, we all take her class going through the school, so we build a great relationship with her. When we built this project, it just gave us more purpose knowing we were building it for her.”

Mrs. Bellone has been teaching for 55 years and even taught their construction teacher Mr. West when he was in sixth grade.

The shed cost around $2,500 to build, but funds were secured from various community donations.

The 8 by 10 shed was dropped off at Mrs. Bellone’s home Friday morning. Her reaction was priceless. “it’s just a dream I’ve had for a long time and it’s amazing that the boys were able to do it for me.”

Mrs. Bellone will enjoy the rest of her summer using her dream shed and then it’s back to the classroom in the fall for her 56th year of teaching. “Can’t leave yet. They keep me going. They keep me young. As long as they want me and accept me, I’ll keep doing it.”

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