St. Patrick Senior accepted into two service academies

Being accepted into one of the U.S. Military Service Academies is a competitive process that even requires congressional nomination.

One local high school senior has achieved a rare milestone by receiving appointments from not one, but two of those academies.

For St. Patrick Senior Sawyer Stone, involvement and a sense of service are qualities he strives to live by. “I want to have a purpose greater than myself, and to me, the best way to do that was serve as an officer in the military.”

The son of two retired Air Force colonels, Stone applied to the U.S. Air Force Academy as well as the U.S. Military Academy at West Point.

After going through the intensive application and nomination process and a period of waiting, he found out that he had been accepted into not only West Point, but the Air Force Academy as well. “The application starts freshman year of high school. They start to look back on your background of all the extracurriculars you’ve done, as well as leadership positions you’ve held. They look at your GPA, ACT scores.”

Stone has made the decision to attend the Air Force Academy and major in mathematics, paving the way for service to our country. “I’m interested in acquisitions for the Air Force. I find that I have an interest in mathematics I found senior year of high school.”

St. Patrick faculty and staff say after four years of giving back to his high school community through cross country, theatre, and student government, Sawyer’s future is bright. St. Patrick Principal Dr. Matt Buckley said, “Sawyer will do excellent things after he leaves here, he’s been a remarkable student and has left an impact here at St. Patrick.”

Before he reports for cadet training on June 24th, Stone says he’s grateful for his four years as a member of the Fighting Irish and the opportunity to chase one of his dreams. “It’s a dream come true. I’ve had this dream to attend the service academy for a couple of years now.”

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