St. Patrick High students heading to pro-life rally in Louisiana

St. Patrick High students are traveling to Baton Rouge today for an anti-abortion protest, the Louisiana Life March South.

The march takes place as the U.S. Supreme Court considers a challenge to the 1973 landmark decision of Roe v. Wade that affirmed a constitutional right to abortion.

Mississippi challenged that ruling which led to the Supreme Court taking up the matter.

Before the pandemic, St. Patrick High School’s Pro-Life Club would travel to DC for the annual March for Life. This year, their trip was canceled due to the recent surge in COVID cases. Ready to rally, the club found a solution. Biology and Theology Teacher Emily Cloud said, “Marches happen all over the country this weekend. We found a march in Louisiana that still had rallies going. So, we’re going to attend that. We realize that it’s not where we are, but that we are gathering together to pray.”

Thirty students from St. Patrick will be joining 150 others from around the Biloxi Diocese to march at the Louisiana State Capitol on Saturday. Twelfth grader Dominic Patino said, “The trip doesn’t really matter, it’s what we’re standing there for, it’s what we’re going for. It’s the theme, not the destination.”

Students for Life Club President Annalyn Fayard attended the DC March when she was a sophomore. She believes these pro-life rallies are essential to re-affirming beliefs and connecting youth together that have a similar mindset. “Last time I went, I met people from Michigan, from Iowa. It’s awesome to connect with people you’ve never met before, but they have the same mindset and you’re very friendly to each other.”

Marching together with the hopes of getting recognition that they and many others are against abortion. “We will march whether it’s cold and icy or hot. We’ve marched in so many different conditions and they just can’t wait. The atmosphere is always so joyful and energetic and it’s always so uplifting. It’s truly inspiring.”

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