St. Patrick High School students gather in prayer in response to abortion arguments

The nation looks on while the Supreme Court hears arguments on Mississippi abortion laws. Locally, students at St. Patrick High School in Biloxi are approaching the news with prayer.

As arguments about Mississippi abortion laws were heard in Washington Wednesday, St. Patrick High School in Biloxi took to prayer. Religious Studies Director Terry Creel said, “We know that the Supreme Court took up the Mississippi Heartbeat Law and finally we see something might be done about Roe v. Wade. At St. Patrick our kids have been rotating through the chapel having adoration in front of Jesus and the Blessed Sacrament, praying that the nine Supreme Court justices’ hearts will be touched and that we can have a true society where we value life over everything.”

The Supreme Court hearing took place just a month before thousands, including students at St. Patrick High School, head to Washington, D.C. to participate in Walk for Life. Students for Life Sponsor/ teacher Emily Cloud said, “It’s an incredible opportunity for them to stand up for something they feel so strongly about, to be able to fight for our life. Our students are so passionate about praying and doing the right thing. Every year I get a little glimmer of hope that we’re making progress. Now this year it’s overwhelming to me how many people are praying in this moment to end abortion.”

Students and staff are praying for what they say could be a positive outcome as they prepare for next month’s trip. Student Kate Massey said, “I’m very definitely excited for March for Life. We are trying to make a change and the Supreme Court event talking about this is a sign of change.”

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