St. Patrick High Robotics Club sets a new high score

It was a battle of the bots for St. Patrick students on Saturday.

They call themselves ‘Team Tempest’ and they’ve been training everyday since August for their annual Robotics competition.

They’re anticipating that they’ll hold the rank of number one in the state after setting a new high score record of 198 during a match.

Under normal circumstances, the team competes in a gymnasium and they play matches against other schools. With the pandemic, the competition became even more remote.

Their robot was tasked with duties like having to shoot into the goal and place a wobble into the correct square.

The students are judged on their engineering plan, outreach, and robot design. Team Tempest President Gavriella Persing said, “We’ve been practicing for a long time. Kind of just hoping we would do great and I think the practice really paid off.”

Team Tempest Mentor Roy Cloud said, “To see them challenged and come out on top just about every one of these kids will be off of scholarships and that’s wonderful for their families, for them. We don’t have a problem with kids going off to college.”

Team Tempest Head Programmer William Reid said, “When you’re in the robotics team, you’re surrounded by like-minded people who are just like you which creates a lot of friendships that last for your whole high school career.”

So far, students involved in the St. Patrick’s Robotics Club have earned millions of dollars in scholarships.

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