St. Patrick High launches deposits program

St. Patrick Catholic High School students are making deposits and not necessarily to their bank accounts. News 25’s Toni Miles takes us to the Biloxi school to show us how staff and students are embarking on a new level of paying it forward.
High school years can be tough, especially considering peer pressure, but St. Patrick Catholic High School leaders are fighting to promote and reward acts of kindness by their students. St. Patrick Principal Matt Buckley said, “We’ve purchased some coins so each time a teacher notices a student going out of their way to be extra kind then they’re going to get a coin. They can cash in those after they get so many. They can get four different prizes.”
Buckley pitched the ‘Making Deposits’ program Thursday morning. These students proved to be a quick study. Senior Connor Hartery said, “If we see someone doing kind for someone else, or if the teachers see it, they can reward the students by giving them a coin, which the students can turn into the office and if they get five of them they get gift cards. I think it will work out. I think the students will really take to it.”
It’s an inaugural program at St. Patrick High School that will coincide with the Lent season, which is known as a time for giving things up. However, the program just focuses on giving. Senior Chloe Rizk said, “It ended up being about making emotional deposits and being kind to one another.”
But don’t think Chloe has lost her edge. “I’m definitely going to get more than Connor. I’m so competitive.” But working towards a common goal. “In school, sometimes we get caught up in the grades and who is going to be valedictorian, who’s going to win the state championship, but at the end of the day it’s about who’s kind and who truly exemplifies Jesus every day,” said Chloe.
A life-long lesson these students say they’ll carry for years to come. “Oh, yeah. For sure. We’re going to take this into college and our adult lives,” said Connor.

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