St. Martin Middle School Track and Field team puts new track to use

The St. Martin Middle School Track and Field team broke in its new track facility this afternoon while hosting St. Martin area schools’ first track meet in over two decades.

The base track was installed when the new football stadium was constructed. However, the final element of the track and field facility wasn’t completed until this morning when the shot-put pit was finished.

Now, all Yellowjacket athletes can practice all track and field events at the facility.

Retired St. Martin Track Coach Jack Cox can’t recall a home track meet since he retired 23 years ago. “Our track was in poor condition, but the Jackson County School Board thought that it was time that we get back into the track business. So, us, Vancleave, and East Central have some beautiful facilities now. And it’s great to be able to host a meet after all this time instead of traveling. Big advantage.”

St. Martin Attendance Center Assistant Superintendent David Baggett said, “We have great athletes that work extremely hard both in the classroom as well as out here on the field. And it’s great to finally have a place where they can come and perform in a venue they deserve to use.”

Baggett and Cox say St. Martin is ready to host both middle school and high school track meets and that multiple home track meets are in the works for next season.

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