St. Martin locks down school after receiving report of a weapon

St. Martin High School was on lockdown about 9 a.m. Thursday during 1st block after the school received a report of a student coming to school with a weapon, according to Jackson County Superintendent John Strycker.

The school called parents to let them know it had received a report of a student who might have been carrying a weapon to school.

When he arrived, the student was stopped by school officials. He did not have a weapon on his person, but when they approached the student’s vehicle to check for a weapon, he broke away and left in a white truck.

As a precaution, students were told to shelter in place while Jackson County Sheriff’s Department had an opportunity to investigate.

Two other schools in the area were also placed on lockdown. The incident was cleared in about two hours.

Jackson County Sheriff’s spokesperson Marcia Hill said deputies made contact with the student at his home. No weapon was found and no charges were filed.

Deputies said there apparently was a squabble between the student and two others and an innuendo was made about bringing a weapon to school, prompting the report to be made, Hill said.

School officials told parents in an email that at no time were the students in danger.

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