St. Martin junior varsity coach arrested after K9s found marijuana in his car

A St. Martin junior varsity coach was arrested today after a police k9 alerted police there were drugs in his car.

Jackson County sheriff’s deputies were making random searches in the parking lot on campus.

The K9 alerted positive on a car belonging to 24-year-old Jonte Moultrie of Ocean Springs.

News 25 was told marijuana was found in the vehicle and Moultrie was charged with misdemeanor possession of marijuana.

Jackson County Superintendent John Strycker said it’s district policy to conduct unannounced searches, which was the case today.

He told News 25 “we had a situation in which a K9 was on campus today at St. Martin for a random search of the school and the parking lot. The K9 alerted on a vehicle where drugs and handguns were found and an arrest was made.”

Strycker said he could not comment further, other than to say that the district will investigate the case and take action if necessary.

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