St. Joseph Hospice serves Gulfport police free lunch

The team at St. Joseph Hospice visited the Gulfport Police Department today to offer free lunch to all of the officers.

The team began cooking hotdogs and burgers early in the morning and brought the food to the department. The hospice set up an outside location and gave out about 100 lunch servings to the working police officers.

The team serves lunches similar to this one about once a week and often travel along the Coast spanning from Houston, Texas to Mobile, Alabama.

St. Joseph serves food to a variety of people as well including first responders, community centers, senior centers, and more. St. Joseph Hospice Administrator Mark Crowson said, “These men and women put their lives on the line every day, so we wanted to come out here and pay our respects and tell them thank you for everything they do and feed them some hamburgers and hot dogs and just have a good day.”

Sgt. Jason Ducre with Gulfport PD said, “Well a lot of times this is a thankless job and so you know these little things that show us appreciation mean so much to us.”

The team at St. Joseph plans to continue serving the Gulfport Police Department as much as possible in the future.

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