St. Joseph Hospice celebrates St. Joseph’s Day

Today is St. Joseph’s Day, dedicated to the foster father of Jesus Christ and husband of Virgin Mary.
Each year on this day, St. Joseph Hospice in Gulfport has their facility blessed and afterwards a celebration takes place in honor of the patron saint.
Staff and community members prayed together as Father Patrick Sanders of Gulfport Episcopal Church, St. Peter’s Day by the Sea led the blessing and sprinkled holy water throughout the hospice.
St. Joseph Chaplin Scott Williams tells News 25 there is a good reason why the facility is named after St. Joseph. “The reason that is St. Joseph is a patron saint for peaceful death as well as many other things, for fathers and expecting mothers, and working people and carpenters. He is the patron saint for a lot of folks and that’s the significance here.”
Some of the Christian religions that observe St. Joseph’s Day choose to wear red and often have a feast in honor of St. Joseph.

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