St. Alphonsus Catholic School donates to Jackson County Animal Shelter

It’s been a little over a month since Maybel and the students at St. Alphonsus started raising Pennies for Puppies.

Last month, the students at St. Alphonsus Catholic School, with their therapy dog Maybel, raised money for shelter animals.

This week, they presented a check for over $4,000 to the Jackson County Animal Shelter. Maybel’s handler, Amy Nimmo, says Maybel serves as proof that shelter pups can do extraordinary things. “So, this year, we raised $4,030.87. Shelter dogs can do amazing things just like pure breeds. They just need a second chance and most of them are just so appreciative to have that second chance, they just love it.”


Maybel was given a second chance and now she pays it forward. St. Alphonsus’ donation will go towards shelter animals. It will be help fund anything they might need before going up for adoption.

Director of Jackson County Animal Shelter Joseph Barlow says every cent goes toward the care of animals. “That may be supplementing medicine that we don’t typically budget for, it can be equipment for our vet clinic, the list is endless of the needs that our animals have, and they’re ongoing. And so, every penny helps and we do our very best to immediately put them to use to help out animals.”

Each animal shown is up for adoption and looking for their second chance.