SRHS Retirees React to the 88 Percent Pension Plan

It’s been nearly 8 months since the onset of Singing River Health System’s retirement woes, and retirees are still searching for answers.
News 25’s Kristen Durand attended the Jackson County Board of Supervisors meeting today and tells us about their plans to reveal the full story next week.
“The 88 percent is sickening because it makes me sick to my stomach to know that they would make an offer like that.” This statement made at the Jackson County Board of Supervisors meeting today comes after Singing River Health System announced last week that they will only fund the pension plans at 88% of the original benefit, including an annual cost of living adjustment payment at 88 percent of the last one received, back in December. For example, a retiree receiving $1,800 per month will now receive $1,584 per month.
SRHS retiree Kitty Aguilar said, “That offer is ludacris. We worked hard for our money, we took no short cuts, and we put aside the money for our future.”
The Jackson County Board of Supervisors announced today that while they do not agree with the 88 percent proposals, they have no power to change it. The board, which has been under pressure for months to provide answers, also says it will provide a full story explaining everything it can legally provide to the public, but only to the only media they say has fairly reported the story: the Mississippi Press.
Eddie Manning, SRHS retiree, said, “For them to only report to the Mississippi press, give them the information of whatever they decided is wrong. Fox 25, Sun Herald, Channel 13, y’all have been here day in and day out supporting the retirees, and when’s the last time the Mississippi Press has been here? It’s been months.”
The hospital says they will present their proposal to the courts overseeing the plan and no changes will occur without their approval.

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