Were spring breakers welcomed properly on the Coast?

The thousands of spring breakers that came to Biloxi have been gone for two weeks, but how the crowds were treated is still on the minds of Civil Rights activists on the Coast.

Black Spring Break draws thousands of guests every year to Biloxi. NAACP Biloxi Branch President James Crowell tells News 25 local businesses and restaurants get a huge economic impact from spring breakers. This year he says spring breakers got the cold shoulder. “The streets and the parking lots all were closed off to say ‘you’re not welcome in our town’ and that should never happen. I had tears in my eyes when I saw that. These young people coming to town were basically going to be on Highway 90 and I-10 and that was primarily it, they were not welcome anywhere else.”

Crowell tells News 25 spring breakers should get the same treatment as any other tourist on the Coast.

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