“Spirits at Beauvoir”

Interested in finding the paranormal? Then look no further than Beauvoir in Biloxi. Tomorrow night, Beauvoir will be holding their monthly ‘Spirits at Beauvoir” event.

All eyes are on you this weekend in the Jefferson Davis house at Beauvoir. Are you up for meeting some spirits? Director of Development Kitsaa Stevens said, “A lady came in the gift shop and she told our gift shop manage Rosie, she said, “I don’t know who that reenactor you have playing Jefferson Davis is, but he’s really rude. He told me to stay on the path and not stop on his wife’s garden.’ And we could not make her understand or believe that we had no reenactors here that day.”

The Beauvoir’s monthly ‘Meet the Spirits’ event is an immersive hunt for spirits across the entire property with the assistance from the Southern Paranormal and Anomaly Research Society. “We divide you into separate groups and a paranormal investigator is paired with each group. You actually use the equipment like you see on TV so they have their YK2s, they have their temperatures, the voice boxes, everything. It’s just like, well it really is, it’s an actual paranormal investigation.”

Former Confederate President Jefferson Davis purchased the property in 1879 and lived on the property with his family until his death in 1889.

While members of the family have been seen on the property still to this day, Davis’ youngest daughter Winnie has been known to watch over the many weddings that take place on the property. “I have brides come and take pictures and they take pictures on the beautiful staircase that we have out here. A lot of those pictures will go back when the photographers reviewing and they’ll see a figure of a woman in Winnie’s window. We think it is Winnie.”

Still not convinced by those alleged spirits? Well, don’t be surprised when they make their presence known. “I had the guests on the steps and I had opened the back doors and we heard the piano play. There was no one in the house and all 40 seniors on my tour heard the piano.”

If you’re up for the challenge Saturday night, tickets are going fast for the ‘Meet the Spirits’ event and can be purchased on Beauvoir’s website for $30.

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