Spice On The Gulf Coast

Last week was a wakeup call with authorities netting nearly 40 pounds of spice in two South Mississippi drug busts. Around the same time, this synthetic drug landed 3 D’Iberville students in the hospital.
What can parents do to help fight the spice problem? Sheriff Brisolara says the most important thing is to stay on top of what your kids are doing.
"If they feel or see any strange activity in their kids, they need to wake up. Don’t be afraid to go look around and find out what your kids are doing,” said Sheriff Brisolara.
Spice is a drug used by people of all demographics, but law enforcement leaders say dealers are targeting our young people, and they’d like to see stiffer penalties for those caught.
"Anytime that a child is taken to the hospital, if we can find the source that it came from. I think we ought to be able to charge them with something other than sale,” said Sheriff Brisolara.
While spice carries the same repercussions for those caught with marijuana, authorities say that because spice is much more dangerous, there should be harsher penalties to help keep people from selling or buying.
But, creating these penalties will take time, time law enforcement doesn’t have.
Until then, the Sheriff’s Department hopes the public will arm themselves with knowledge. Spread the work about this potential killer and steer clear of this unpredictable drug.

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