Speed Radars Pop Up Downtown

Ocean Springs police want you to pump the brakes when driving down Government Street.

New speed radars have popped up downtown near the YMCA.
This comes after gym employees told police some of their members say they were almost hit by cars while crossing the street.
The speed limit down Government Street is 25…but radar data says the average ranges from 29 to 39 miles per hour.
Police hope these radars will drive the high speeding numbers down for the safety of the residents.

“One it’s good for us to collect data without having to make sure we sit there every single day, and two it puts a lot of people’s minds at ease to know that we’re actually doing it and then people can’t say well all you’re doing is writing tickets…we’re monitoring to make sure everybody’s safe.”
– Adam Carter Traffic Officer, Ocean Springs Police Dept.

The speed radars typically sit in one spot for three days and collect data.
Officers tell News 25 it will most likely be moved to a different location downtown by the end of the week.

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