Special meeting for Biloxi City Council

The Biloxi City Council called a special meeting today to discuss the municipal budget for the 2017-2018 fiscal year.
The budget meeting consisted of, but was not limited to, a compensation schedule to the city’s water and sewer fund and other increases and decreases to the city’s budget.
A hot topic in the meeting was the announcement to potentially close the West Biloxi Public Library to save money in the budget, but a few elected officials and local residents do not agree with the closing. Biloxi Resident Mary Caldwell said, “The community needs the library and just to know that people need to know that they can be there and you see people on the computer, so that library helps and it’s very professional, the people come out and assist you anyway that they can and that’s what I like about the library.”
Several community members stood together to express their feelings toward keeping the library.

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