Southern Strike Begins Today in Gulfport

Army guardsmen from all over America are coming together right here, on the gulf coast, to participate in an international combat exercise.
The Mississippi Air National Guard is hosting “Southern Strike a large-scale war game where military service members will train with conventional and special forces.
Over 2-thousand service members are expected for the combat exercise at the Gulfport combat readiness training center beginning today.
More than twenty types of US military aircrafts will participate.

Colonel Craig Ziemba, Southern Strike Commander, “Probably no other area right now in the United States where this large of a concentration of special and conventional forces gather to train for combat, so our ranges, our facilities, our air space, we have a freedom here at the gulf coast that you just don’t have anywhere else for large scale exercises.”

The Fifth Annual Southern Strike will start today and last until November 4th.

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