Southern Miss Unmasked: Will Hall Introductory Tour

Monday evening, the Southern Miss Unmasked Will Hall Introductory Tour stopped through Long Beach at the USM Gulf Park Campus.

Mask or no mask, Coach Hall has been an open book ever since his arrival back in December, quickly becoming a high-energy fan favorite to those in attendance.

Especially after last year’s coaching carousel, Hall’s goal of “playing 12 games that matter” is a breath of fresh air for a program picked to finish fourth in the C-USA West Division. “Well, I wish they would’ve picked us last. But no, it doesn’t matter. Those things don’t matter. And we’ve got a lot to prove. We understand that. We understand that from the moment we got here. But also, our kids get a little more comfortable every day. They get a little more comfortable with our culture, our coaches, how we want to act on a daily basis, how we want to treat people, and get a little more comfortable with our systems in all phases. And just like a relationship going on a date, you’re more comfortable with each other on date nine than you are on date one, and so we’re about eight or nine months into this thing now and we’re just starting to learn each other better.”

Coach Hall and company will take their turn for C-USA Media Days at noon Thursday.

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