Southern Miss not hiring Art Briles

Southern Miss President Dr. Rodney Bennett and Head Football Coach Jay Hopson are at odds today over the decision to not hire former Baylor Head Coach Art Briles as the team’s new offensive coordinator.

Briles interviewed for the position on Monday, only for school administration to eliminate him as a candidate this morning.

In 2016, Briles was fired from his post at Baylor amidst allegations of covering up sexual assault by his players in cases against women.

Coach Hopson later released a statement of his own on the decision. “Although I respect the decision of Dr. Rodney Bennett, I disagree with it.”

He goes on to say, “I have interviewed Art Briles for an assistant position at Southern Miss and I believe he is a man who deserves a second chance. He is a man that seemed sincere and humble in his interview and personally he committed no crime. He may not have acted in the proper protocol, but that would be my job at Southern Miss.”

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