Southern Miss improves ‘product’ with 27-24 win over Tulane

Hattiesburg, MISS. — When it comes to college football recruiting, in a lot of ways, Southern Miss sells itself – or it used to – with 18 straight winning seasons. But now second-year head coach Will Hall is selling a return to that former glory.

That sales job just got a whole lot easier following Saturday’s 27-24 road win at Tulane in which USM allowed a season-high 17 first half points in Coach Hall’s return to the Big Easy.

But his Golden Eagles never wavered, putting the game on ice with a fourth quarter pick-six courtesy of Eric Scott, Jr.

With the Bell back in Hattiesburg, the Black and Gold are now 4-2 in their last six games dating back to the end of last year, and all of a sudden Hall is feeling ahead of schedule.

“We came here with a vision and a plan,” said Hall. “We’ve been selling that and that’s been working really well for two years, but at some point you’ve got to have success. Or if I’m a salesman, and I keep telling you how good my product is, and then you get my product a few times and it’s bad, eventually you’re going to quit buying my product. Eventually, my product has got to be good for you to keep buying it, and we’re kind of at that point in our program now. We’ve had two great recruiting classes on selling a vision. We’ve got to start having a product to show for it, and I think this win – it gives us more substance in our product to sell. I think it kind of gets us over another hump in recruiting moving into our third class.”

A well-deserved week off for Southern Miss, who returns to action on October 8 at 6 p.m. on the road at new Sun Belt Conference rival Troy.

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