Southern Miss alum / Twins 2B entering final year of contract

One of the guys taking in Friday’s game will be Southern Miss alum Brian Dozier who’s set to enter the final year of his contract with the Minnesota Twins.
During spring training of 2015, the 30-year-old second baseman signed a four-year extension which is slated to pay him nine million dollars for 2018.
Dozier has previously stated his intentions of staying in Minnesota, but as those sentiments continue to go unmatched, the former Golden Eagle is laying low in Hattiesburg and preparing for what could be his farewell tour with the Twins. “Firm believer everything kind of, you let everything play out and it kind of happens for a reason. I’m not a guy that kind of puts too much pressure on where I want to be in the future rather than take control of the present right now. My wife and I, we love it in Minnesota. The writing on the wall is kind of that this is our last year there, but hopefully something might shake out here in the next few months down in spring training.”
Dozier is a former all-star with a Gold Glove to his name as well as four consecutive seasons of at least 23 home runs.

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