Southern Halo Performing on the Coast

While siblings are notorious for arguing with one another, three sisters from the Delta put their usual differences aside to create beautiful music. News 25’s Katarina Luketich introduces us to the trio, as they beginning to attract some major attention in the industry for their country tunes, as they make their way to the Coast for some weekend performances.
Sisters by blood, band mates by choice, Natalia, Christina and Hannah Morris have been singing since they were kids. They made the choice six years ago to string their talents together to form the Southern Halo band. “Our parents’ friends would always come over and be like ‘oh Natalia, play us a song’ and we’re just sitting in the corner like ‘really?’ So then Hannah and I came up with this idea to form a band,” said Christina.
The three girls with different, but complementary, personalities are now taking center stage, entertaining hundreds at big venues from Nashville to San Diego. Their first performances are rooted here in Mississippi, playing in small bars and restaurants in the Delta. Living in the home of the blues quickly helped them get noticed. Their single “Little White Dress” is currently number two on Country Music Televisions’ popular artist chart.
As their talents continue to land them on bigger stages and entertaining bigger crowds, these Delta girls tell News 25 Mississippi will always be number one in their hearts. They’re looking forward to getting Cruisin’ the Coast started on Sunday. They’ll perform at the View the Cruise event in downtown Gulfport.
So what’s the story behind the songs they write? “We like to write about life experiences, like what’s going on in life and you know sometimes bad things might happen but there’s better things to come,” said Natalia.
As these three talented ladies continue on the road to strike a chord with a big music label, they say they’re just enjoying being young and doing their own thing.
Southern Halo will host a Hot Rods and Horsepower event this Saturday night at Coast Country from 8 to 12 p.m. as part of their video release party.
The group is also scheduled to perform from 2:30 until 3:45 in downtown Gulfport Sunday for View the Cruise.

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