“Southern Fury” Filming in Biloxi

Movie production trucks have taken to the streets of East Biloxi as the movie “Southern Fury” continues filming. News 25’s Kristen Durand takes us to one location where the movie is filming.
This home in East Biloxi has been in Anthony Woods’ family since 1967. “We stayed there until I got married and then that’s when I left and I still had two sisters stay in there and then Katrina came along. It got over six and a half feet of water inside. We were devastated,” said Woods.
Thankfully, a volunteer crew came out to rebuild the home and now, more than ten years later, a movie crew is taking over the house for filming. “Southern Fury,” starring John Cusack, Adrian Grenier and Nicholas Cage, has been filming in East Biloxi for a few days now. “I never thought I would see something like this. It is really amazing,” said Woods.
The house may look run down from years of aging, but it was actually made to look like that by a team from the movie crew. Everything from the stains on the house to the mail in the mailbox is part of the movie set. “The outside and part of the inside also, they re-did it like it’s been sitting there for about 100 years, inside and out, and with all the furniture inside that they put inside of it. I think it’s awesome. It’s different, completely different but it’s awesome,” said Woods.
And Biloxi resident Ernest Johnson is excited to catch a glimpse of one of his antique cars in the film. “Nicholas Cage’s character, they’re going to be acting like he’s working on it or something in one of the scenes. I think this is going to be his house, to my understanding,” said Johnson.
Filming in South Mississippi is set to wrap up within the next ten days.

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