South Mississippi Woman Donates Kidney to Oklahoma Man

A South Mississippi woman is recovering after donating her kidney to a man she had never even met face-to-face before.

Anna Cannington is returning to South Mississippi after traveling to Oklahoma to donate her kidney to a Tulsa man. The transplant recipient, 43-year-old Dustin Rippetoe, is also recovering and thankful for the successful kidney transplant that would not have happened if not for the kindness of Cannington, a resident and South Mississippi business owner.

Cannington says she saw a story on the local news about someone donating a kidney to a stranger and that motivated her to contact Rippetoe, who she knew through online strength training websites.

The transplant is now complete and so far, so good. Rippetoe is overwhelmed by Cannington’s selfless sacrifice and credits her with saving his life and allowing him a new lease on life with his family and young son.

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