South Mississippi trucker among hundreds in Washington asking Trump Administration to support trucking industry

One local trucker is among hundreds in Washington, D.C. asking the Trump Administration to support the trucking industry during the COVID-19 crisis.

Charles Claburn is a D’Iberville resident and has been a trucker for 30 years. He says the trucking industry has been negatively impacted by coronavirus due to the closure of restaurants, rest stops, and entire industries.

As a result, Claburn and hundreds of other truckers have made their way to Washington D.C., lining Constitution Avenue and a five-block radius near the White House, looking for assurances from the federal government to protect truckers from brokers who may charge unfair load rates.

Claburn says, “The government has a role to play, and the biggest role they have to play is to protect the American people, to protect our rights, protect us from people that are trying to gouge the industry and steal our money and enforce rules and regulations that, you know don’t work. That’s what this movement became…it became about unity. It was spontaneous!”

Claburn says he’s been in D.C. for just over a week now and will stay until he hears a response from the government.

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