South Central Motorcoach Association Regional Meeting

In an effort to increase tourism in South Mississippi, Coastal Mississippi and the IP Casino Resort are hosting a three-day motorcoach meeting.

The South Central Motorcoach Association began its regional meeting Monday.

This evening, Coastal Mississippi hosted a reception at the Aquarium for conference attendees. In 2019, there were 120 motorcoach tours that came to the Coast, bringing $3.3 million to the Coast economy.

After a year of COVID, Coastal Mississippi wants to bring back the touring business as soon as possible. Coastal Mississippi CEO Milton Segarra said, “We did it the first time. We were able to let them know that come to coastal Mississippi is safe. Our partners, our institutions, the government, the counties, the cities, they took care of our visitors and they love that and they believe in that message. Our health care promise that we deployed since day one was one of the key components to make sure to elevate the trust level of our visitors to come and visit coastal Mississippi and that’s why we have so many visitors coming and still coming to coastal Mississippi.”

The motorcoach conference wraps up Wednesday.

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