‘SoSo Strong’ rocks for Sophia

It’s an effort to spread a little joy during these tough times.

Angel Myers, founder of SoSo Strong Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation and a parent of the late Sophia Myers, left decorative rocks in front of Sophia’s sanctuary for all to take and spread the love.

The rocks are from Sophia’s funeral and they were decorated by the ladies at First Baptist Church Pascagoula.

Myers says the rocks are just a way the community gets to remember Sophia for a long time to come. Sophia’s dad, Josh Myers, said, “A lot of kids go by there to see Sophia anyway that she went to school with. So, I noticed the rocks and Angel put them out there and I texted her and told her I’d be a great idea if we shared this to have kids come pick them up and maybe take them and put them out in parks and stuff.”

Angel said, “It is a way to get children and families involved in spreading hope and encouragement and the kids who knew Sophia to still feel connected to her. We talk to their parents and we know that they remember Sophia and they talk about her. So, it’s a good way to bond them again.”

To recognize Brain Cancer Awareness Month, the SoSo Strong Foundation hosted a Facebook fundraiser, meeting their goal of more than $7,000.

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