Soria City Community Action Group

The Soria City Community Action Group is looking to empower and energize the quiet community of Soria City, in Gulfport.
The group has just elected a new president and vice president and now they are looking to take their efforts to the next level. The main goal of the Soria City Community Action Group is to give a voice to the underprivileged in Gulfport. Lenn Wyche, president of the group, said “‘because too many times we’re under represented and we don’t have a voice. So our organization is that voice.”
Wyche says his group has assisted with everything from voter registration to driving residents to the polls on Election Day. His main focus is to make certain Soria gets all the resources and benefits that other communities in Gulfport are receiving. Vice President Constance Payne says he would like to see the effort of Soira City Community Action Group cover a broader spectrum of age groups: “ kids, tutorial programs, education programs, senior citizens, veterans-I’m a veteran- and just community awareness. And when you’ve got community awareness, you’ve got a strong neighborhood.”
Together Wyche and Payne hope to make Soria Community engaged with their neighbors and their governing leaders.
If you would like to get involved you can contact Lenn Wyche by email at

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