Solve for Tomorrow contest sign up opens

Earlier this year, a group of Gulfport High School seniors won $50,000 in technology for their school through Samsung’s Solve for Tomorrow contest.
Now, that contest is back open welcoming a new batch of innovative ideas from high school students nationwide.
Under the direction of Gulfport High School robotics teacher Clint Brawley, the group of students took home one of the top ten spots nationwide for their work creating a vending machine that supplies free hygiene products to homeless students.
Now, other schools can enter the 2017-2018 contest. Brawley says his students are already making good use of the technology they received. “We’ve got 16 brand new Samsung all in one touch screen computers that we’ve got our computer drafting, our programming and a lot of other programs on and it’s just so nice to have a computer to run these programs the way they’re meant to be ran and then we’ve got these big screen TVs all around the room so when I’m working on my computer, the kids can actually follow what I’m doing and do it on their computer. It really makes teaching the kids a lot easier.”
Teachers who want to help their students creatively address problems in their local communities through science, technology, engineering, arts, and math skills must submit their project idea by Thursday, November 9th to be considered. More details about the program can be found at

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