Sock Hop at the Brookdale Retirement Home

The party was hopping at the sock hop that took place at the Brookdale retirement home in Biloxi.
All the residents came to relive the 50’s, remember the good ol’ days and dance the night away. Most of them were dressed in their classic poodle skirts and suspenders.
There was ice cream, soda pop, live music, and even a hula-hoop contest. This is the second annual sock hop that the retirement home has had and since last year was such a success they thought they would celebrate the 50’s again today. Program Coordinator Tamesha Adams said, “It’s a 1950’s event. We are basically going back in time. We’re gonna have all the music for them. We want them to get out and do the twist, get out and basically just dance, shake a leg. We got different snacks for them.”
Companies from around the area provided the food and drinks for today’s event.

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