Soar Bungee Fitness offers children classes

Children can try something new and participate in bungee fitness at Soar.

Soar Bungee Fitness allows anyone to join in on their fun workout, even children. This is a unique way to keep children active or they can just pretend to be their favorite superhero.

Children must be at least 40 pounds to participate.

Soar offers kids classes each Saturday for $10 a child.

Owner Anna Stuckey explains the moment she realized bungee fitness was great for children, too. “Whenever I got into the business, I put my kids in the harnesses while I was busy painting the walls or setting up the studio to get ready to open, and my kids loved it. And I saw that they were able to do it and they were not getting hurt, so I said, well, why not?”

Soar also offers Mommy and Me classes. You can sign up for a class at

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