Smoke Detector Saves Woman

A few small, persistent beeps, that’s the sound that saved a woman’s life. Last night, a Saucier woman woke up to flames engulfing her house.
Virginia Stewart said, “It just happened so quick that you don’t know whether to run or to try and put it out, you know? But anyways, I just ran!”
Stewart stands on her mother’s back porch, laughing now, just happy to be alive. That wasn’t the case when she heard her smoke detector late Monday night. “Then I finally realized it was something different that I hadn’t heard. I got up and walked into the hallway and there was a big fire there.”
She ran for her life and escaped without injury. When Harrison County firefighters arrived, the fire had destroyed most of the living room, near where Stewart had been sleeping when the fire broke out.
Harrison County Fire Chief Pat Sullivan said that they’re still investigating the cause of the fire but he believes an electric furnace could be to blame. Chief Sullivan says fires caused by electric heaters are common this time of year, so beware! “Make sure that there’s enough space around the space heater that doesn’t have anything that’s flammable or anything that’s going to catch on fire or fall over and get close to it.”
Chief Sullivan says to also check your heaters to make sure they’re UL or ETL listed. This means they’re tested and certified safe. Also, always check your smoke detectors. They can save your life and your property. “When they get notified, we get here early and we get here quicker,” said Sullivan, “We reduce the amount of damage a homeowner will have to their home.”
And, it just may save your life. “Very important,” said Stewart, “I did have some that I had some batteries out of but I’ll make sure they’re in there next time.”
If you need assistance with your fire alarm, you can contact your local American Red Cross chapter and they will come out and install a fire alarm or change batteries at no cost.

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