Small Sinkhole Forming on Canal Road

A sinkhole is forming on Canal Road and it hasn’t gone unnoticed as authorities are now looking into it.
A concerned viewer who is a delivery driver contacted News 25 saying he spotted the sinkhole last week while driving his truck down Canal Road. The hole is on the west side of Canal Road, just north of 28th Street. He says it has gotten bigger since the first time he saw it and is concerned for his daughter’s safety because she drives down Canal Road daily.
Other drivers in the area agree that 28th Street could use some repairs as well. Gulfport resident Antonio Hinton said, “Anything can happen. We can be passing down through there one day and just go off the road, go into the hole because they got a lot of little sinkholes on 28th Street too, like little potholes in the road all the time. Sometimes they just patch them over and they come right back.”
News 25 contacted the Harrison County District 4 Road Department. They said they didn’t know anything about the hole and are looking into it.

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