What’s Next for Old Skate Park Facility in Harrison County?

What will become of the old site of the Harrison County Skate Park in Gulfport?
That decision is up in the air for now, but News 25’s Gina Tomlinson shows us county supervisors are considering a few good offers.
It’s quiet today, but not too long ago, you could hear the screech of skate boards as riders hit the ramps that were once here at what was a skate park. Caleb Kent was one of them. He said, “First day I started skating, I walked in there, didn’t know nothing about skating. I tried to go down a ramp, failed. Somebody came and helped me up, showed me how to drop in and within a day I had about five people teaching me how to skate.”
Since the park shut down years ago, it has been home to family events, a skating rink and most recently a movie studio.
What’s next will possibly be determined by the outcome of a Wednesday bid. Four different proposals are being reviewed. Harrison County Supervisor Connie Rockco tells News 25 there’s a lot of interest in the facility. “The movie industry is interested. Some people are in to turning it into a school, as well as a recording and production center. We have also had ice skating, hockey, indoor soccer.”
Even though the old skate park facility has had a complicated journey, things will keep rolling for the property now that an official decision is in the works. For skateboarders looking to ride around the Coast, there are some alternatives. “If you enjoyed skating at the Harrison County Skate Park, you will love our skate parks,” said Executive Director of Youth for Christ Brad Holt.
After the skate park was closed, some of its equipment ended up at the Extreme Teen Center’s Skate Park, also in Gulfport, hosted by the Mississippi Gulf Coast Youth for Christ Group. “We’ve got a half-pipe, a quarter pipe. We got our box, grinding rails, basically I love everything about it,” said Kent.
As for what will roll into the old skate park’s site, that decision will be up in the air at least until August.

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