Sir Camelot Celebrates His First Birthday

Jefferson Davis imported camels to the Gulf Coast from Saudi Arabia and Beauvoir has been keeping that tradition alive.
“Sir Camelot” celebrated his first birthday today. After a quick invasion by a herd of goats, the celebration continued as Ainsley Kate Thriffiley, the local girl who named the camel, got to meet him and read a poem she wrote to mark the occasion.
The birthday boy enjoyed his own cake of carrots and dates before the cake for the humans was cut.
Kitsaa Stevens, who works with Beauvoir Tours, Programs and Events, said, “People absolutely love him and it has helped our business and it’s also a part of living history. We want to preserve history and tell a story and what better way to tell the story than with a real camel.”
Sir Camelot, the birthday boy, came to Biloxi in March.

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