‘My Singing River’ now supports medical records on iPhone app

Singing River Health System has announced a new way they plan to store patient’s medical records.
Singing River Health System’s electronic medical records platform, ‘My Singing River,’ will now support health records on an iPhone app.
This will bring together hospitals, clinics, and the existing apple health app to make it easy for patients to see their available medical data from multiple providers whenever they choose.
Previously, patients’ medical records were held in multiple locations, requiring patients to log into each care provider’s website and piece together the information manually.
Jill Martin, an application analyst says, “So, patient entry data, your steps, glucose monitoring blood pressure monitoring any home data that patients are tracking it’s all incorporated with their health systems data also.”
Lee Bond, chief executive officer of Singing River Health System says “making health records on iPhone available to our patients is an important display of our team’s mission and commitment to evolving technology.”

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