Singing River Health Systems makes Murdock CEO

The Board of Trustees announces that Tiffany Murdock will serve as Chief Executive Officer.

Murdock has served as interim CEO since February when Lee Bond left SRHS. She is the first woman CEO of Singing River Health System.

“On behalf of the Board of Trustees, we are pleased to have Tiffany continue to lead our health system in a positive direction”, said Erich Nichols, Board President. “She has a proven track record of strategically leading the health system in a direction that is in the best interest of our staff and community while ensuring the quality of care for our patients comes first.”

The decision follows on the heels of the decision by the Board of Trustees to put the hospital system up for sale. That decision was announced June 1.

The board said at the time that the decision allows it to “pursue a fully integrated model or sale with a like-minded healthcare organization that will invest in and grow our system.”

Murdock will lead the hospital through that process.

She began her career at Singing River as Executive Director of Surgical Operations in 2016 and was named Hospital Administrator for the system’s Singing River Gulfport location in 2020. Prior to joining Singing River, Murdock served in nursing leadership and executive roles at health systems across the country including providers in Medford, Oregon, and Sonoma County, California.

Murdock has an extensive background in providing leadership guidance to healthcare teams while improving the overall patient experience and quality of care provided in those facilities. She has led a variety of teams to succeed through innovative planning and implementation to ensure patients are receiving the highest quality care and the utmost superior service they deserve.

Tiffany holds a BSN in nursing, an MSN and MBA in Healthcare Administration, and a doctoral degree in Public Health Executive Leadership.

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