Singing River Health holds inaugural Lunch and Learn

To help get the community informed about health and wellness, Singing River hosted their new health education series called ‘Singing River Community Lunch and Learn.’

The goal of the community lunch and learn is to provide community members the opportunity to have real conversations about their health with experts from Singing River’s award-winning team.

This month’s topic was on ‘weight loss: surgical and non-surgical options’ featuring Nurse Practitioner Tony Tanner who underwent weight-loss surgery himself.

Tanner discussed his personal weight loss journey and the medical options provided at Singing River Weight Loss Center. “I share my story with everyone. I’m not one who wants to hide it. I will even pull up pictures in my phone to show before and after pictures of me. I just kind of talk to them about ‘hey look this is going to improve your lifestyle in more ways than you can ever imagine.’”

The monthly events are free and open to the public.

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