Singing River Health connects the dots in women’s health at ‘What the Health’ Conference

Singing River Health System hosted its ‘What the Health’ Conference that featured engaging and entertaining discussion from some of the Coast’s best physicians and also keynote speaker Elizabeth Smart, who experienced being abducted.

Women from all demographics gathered at the Hard Rock Resort and Casino to discuss topics about health and wellness and to learn how to make strides toward a healthier future for their entire family. Pharmanex National Sales Director Vince Feranda said, “Don’t wait until something happens. You really need to make a foundation today. It’s like, what are you doing today to prevent what would happen tomorrow?”

An array of topics was discussed including lung health, breast cancer, gynecologic cancer, and general surgery. Feranda was at the seminar measuring women’s antioxidant count with a Pharmanex biophotonic scanner. “With this we are able to validate that, see where you are at and then come back in and maintain your health versus waiting until you end up with a disease and it is too late.”

Abduction survivor, news correspondent, and child safety activist Elizabeth Smart was the keynote speaker at the seminar. Smart shared her experience of being kidnapped from her home at the age of 14 and being tortured for nine months before reuniting with her family. “There were definitely moments during my captivity that I just wasn’t sure if I would wake up tomorrow. I didn’t know whether or not I would make it through the day. In those moments, it would feel so hard to keep going.”

Smart says when people think of health they tend to only think of physical health, but mental health is just as important. “Those lessons that I learned through my captivity have made a difference so much in my life today. It’s given me such a greater compassion and understanding for other people because no matter who you are, we all have experienced trauma. We all have experienced hardships.”

Smart has made it her mission to inspire women to overcome any trauma they may have experienced, find the strength to move on, and reclaim their lives. “I want them to know whatever they are struggling with, whatever trauma they have encountered in their life, that it does not have to define who they are, that it does not have to define their future.”

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