Singing River Employees’ Retirement Benefits Cut

Friday, Singing River Health System (S.R.H.S.) informed its employees of changes to come in its retirement plan.

Singing River is one of the biggest employers in Jackson County, and officials have been concerned that a new plan might cripple Singing River’s ability to recruit the best of the best. Friday, Chief Executive Officer, Kevin Holland, outlined what the new plan will look like in an email to all employees. Essentially, benefits will be cut for future retirees, but still are on level with most other county employee retirement plans.

Holland says, “Extremely hard decision to make, one you don’t ever want to have to make, but we are headed in the right direction. We’ve got a lot of challenges ahead of us, but we’re going to face those challenges boldly and with conviction, and we are walking through a bit of a valley right now, but I’m going to continue to lead us through this valley with integrity and to the best of my ability.”

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