Singing River distributes 1,500 Moderna vaccines to residents 75 and older

As the roll out begins for the COVID-19 vaccine, Gulf Coast residents 75 or older got in line at Jackson County Fairgrounds. Singing River set up a smooth drive-thru process, getting patients in and out in about an hour.

Micky Williams and his wife arrived at the Jackson County Fairgrounds, sleeves rolled high, ready for the COVID vaccine, which he says has been a long time coming. “We weren’t expecting to get the vaccine this early, but we’re glad that we did.”

Singing River has prepared to distribute 1,500 doses of the Moderna vaccine to everyone 75 years or older. Primary Care Specialty Services Director Jason Ely said, “Before we started this morning, we had right at 1,100 that had already scheduled and we just opened that up yesterday for about four or five hours and we’ve got that many that quick.”

After receiving the first dose of the Moderna vaccine, patients say they are ready for their second and they are excited to get back to normal life and be reunited with their families and grandchildren. “We’re looking forward to resuming our life that we terminated back in March.”

Biloxi resident Ronny Crosby said, “All the doctors are saying that it’s okay to take it and I’m going to take this one and the second one.”

The required 15-minute wait after getting the shot puts patients at ease. “It makes me feel about 50 pounds lighter and much safer. It’s been a great experience and a professional experience.”

“I feel fine. It’s a very easy shot. My wife and I both are very satisfied it. We’re going to have to take an aspirin or something when we get home because my arm may be sore they said.”

You can never be too cautious. “I’m going to do what I’ve been doing and stay home, social distance, wear my mask, wash my hands. The same thing they’ve been saying all along, I’ve been doing that and I’m doing fine.”

Beginning next month, those aged over 65 will have their turn at getting vaccinated.

If you’d like to make an appointment you can visit the state health department’s website.

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