Simplifying tax reform

Listen up small business owners, if you do your own taxes things are changing this year.

Last year’s passage of a new tax code is the first major reform since 1986 and some unexpected changes could make filing your taxes confusing this year.

Burton CPA Firm held a free seminar in Gulfport today to help clear some of the fog. The elimination of entertainment expenses and one hundred percent deductions for employee transportation are just a few examples of why experts say you should set aside some time to make sure your 2018 taxes are in order in accordance to the new tax code.

Dan Burton with Burton CPA Firm said, “Planning, planning, planning, planning. It’s one of those things you have to take time with. Everybody works in a small business and has to work with day to day problems, but please try to take an hour out of your busy schedules and talk to your professional to get some help because this year is very different and I don’t want people to miss deductions.”

If you missed out today, but want to learn more about the changes to the filing process go online to for more information.

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